Welcome to my bright space.


My name is Natalia and my purpose is to inspire millennial  women and men from diverse communities to look after their wellbeing and to empower them to express their true voice to lead the life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment. 


I have been running Meehalska since December 2014 and since June 2017 full time.


The core principle of my work is conscious living, which for me means living and making decisions in alignment with one's inner wisdom, values, morals and beliefs. 



By supporting my business through purchasing one of my services or products above, you enable me to continue my path of empowering people to discover and follow their true voice. Creating communities that are more compassionate, caring and fulfilled. Uniting in the mission for a kinder, healthier and more positive world now and in the future. 

Organisations that engaged and trusted in my work: 

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