Natalia Michalska / meehalska is a UK-based multidisciplinary artist who believes in living in alignment with one's true self and in following one's intuition. 


Brought up in a small town surrounded by fields, lakes and forests which were her playground. She would spend hours exploring, observing and connecting with nature. To her nature was home where she felt safe and herself. Always offering her something exciting to explore and observe.


The bond with nature she built then became part of who she is now - a nature, sea and wildlife lover with passion for patterns and colours, fascinated by the concept of sacred geometry and the order of nature. 


As a child she was introduced the different ways of creative expression. Through music - she played piano and recorder, sung in a band and a choir performing on different local stages. Through acting -she was part of a drama group. Through words - she wrote and read poetry and finally thought art - drawing and painting. 


As an adult I discovered photography and the desire to be more creative with it and to add to the captured landscapes, guided me towards photo processing and graphic design.


In 2013 certain events had caused her to view life differently and this new perspective gave her an elevated understanding of herself, of her life and path.  


What followed was a period of re-discovery of her creative self. She engrossed in art photography and began drawing and painting again inspired by the intricate patterns in nature, islamic design and her own spiritual journey. 


At the beginning of 2017 she experienced another awakening, which has uncovered a new layer of wisdom, insight and truth for her that profoundly changed the way she looks at life and self. It inspired and empowered her to trust and follow her true self. 


In and through her work she contemplates personal and universal themes focusing on the human-nature and human-human interactions and wellbeing with the aim to inspire a positive personal and social change.


Being very receptive to human energy and emotions she enjoys studying different aspects of humanity such as connection, intercultural understanding, social justice and our perception and response to difference. 


Having had a wide range of experiences using variety of creative expressions in the past, she do not restrict herself to one medium, but likes to continuously explore new ones and match the most appropriate and effective ones to the concept or idea she works on.


Since 2014 she has had a number of exhibitions of her personal body of work and exhibited locally in Portsmouth, Fareham, in London and internationally through online galleries. 

Artist CV

Artist CV
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