Look Up 2017, Portsmouth

A project part of the Journeys Festival International commissioned by the ArtReach. 

The aim of the project was to create a platform for connection between communities of asylum seekers and refugees and local residents in Portsmouth.


This was executed by creating 9 intimate and celebratory portraits of refugee and asylum seekers who found their new home in Portsmouth. Six of the portraits were exhibited large scale in an outdoor exhibition on the facades of buildings around Portsmouth for 10 days during the Journeys Festival International 2017, 19-20 October 2017.


The project was delivered by Meehalska in collaboration with a local poet Majid Dhana. As part of the project both artists were offered 6 weeks art residency with the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth during which they ran 3 workshops engaging over 100 children, families and adults in Portsmouth with the theme of the project. This was accompanied by an indoor exhibition of all the works and supporting material at the Aspex Gallery 19 October-27 November 2017. 

The Look Up project was featured in local press including a live interview with both artists in BBC Radio Solent (1.48'') and an article in Portsmouth News