united tribe

Project studying the concepts of diversity, difference, unity, human origin and connection. 


Inspired by the idea of the great human migration out of Africa (www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00kfqps) artist searches for her own roots and genetic origin while exploring the concepts of diversity and unity in the intercultural context but also diversity in terms of gender, equality and social stigmas. 


United tribe is an ongoing project which manifests itself in different ways and forms. 


beauty in differences

Tangibly the project started with an artwork called 'what if we saw beauty in our differences' exhibited as part of the Human exhibition at the Sticks Gallery in Fareham in 2015. The work portrayed women in hijab-like head coverings. The intricate patterns intended to focus viewers attention and evoke fascination and hopefully subconsciously inspire connection to the subject matter. 


The artwork focused on the concept of how the way we look at our differences influences our interaction with each other. We are often afraid of things that are different - culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc. But what if we all saw beauty in our differences instead? What if we were all eager to explore them, learn more about them, understand them and do our best to connect with the human inside'

love naturally

The universal concept of love and nature formed foundation for the 'love naturally' work. It followed the idea that no matter what our background and story is, love remains universal as it filters through our hearts and souls. 


The artwork was created for the Portsmouth Pride event in 2016 and addresses all forms of diversity - cultural, sexual, religious, ethnic.

refugee crisis

In 2017 I started working with a group of people seeking refuge in the UK.


From the start I was not really comfortable using the word refugee when addressing the people I was meeting as part of this project. I didn't feel I was meeting 'refugees', I didn't want to meet 'refugees'. I wanted to connect with fellow humans and so I did. After two initial meetings, I got

inspired to write a poem on the observations I made about the the emotional connotations and implications and the power of anonymity when using words like refugee, immigrant, asylum seeker.


You can listen to the poem performed by me on my CrowdCaster channel

own ethnicity

Following my own spiritual journey and the development of a deeper understanding of our connection and the concept of unity  and universe married with the fascination with the human origins on earth, I was inspired to find out about my own ethnicity and what genetical communities belong to. 


In the video below I explain more about all the different steps on my path that have brought me to the point of ordering the Ancestry DNA test to find the answer to the question: where do I really come from?