Steel Tongue Drum Performance

Add a soothing and meditative element to your private or corporate event. 


The steel tongue music has got a particular strong impact when played within closed spaces like rooms and halls.


It is suitable as ambient music for retreats, conferences, events to create an atmosphere of calm, focus and relaxation. 


Private bookings: 1 hour session starting from £100 within Portsmouth area (other locations subject to custom quote) 


Corporate bookings and commissions: email for a custom quote 

Photo courtesy of Emily Priest

the only female steel tongue drum performer in the UK


“We were happy to welcome Meehalska to perform and entertain our visitors at our three day Summer Festival in August 2017. Artist Meehalska was a 'wandering minstrel' playing the healing steel tongue drum to the delight of young and old. The ambient sound of her drum provided a relaxing alternative to the general background noise of a busy three days.” Neil Bertram, Festival Organiser, Boathouse 4, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

"[On Ventnor Fringe 2017 performance at the Art Club] Natalia's playing helped the audience to return to something quiet in themselves. The instrument itself has that effect, it is magical, and her way of playing it, her wish to reach those present was fully tangible in the atmosphere in the room. 


I had the great pleasure of working with her on one of my own songs too. A song that speaks of childhood openness. We rehearsed it in the afternoon for a while, and in the evening, at my concert, she joined me on the stage for the song. It was probably the closest I've ever come to touching the essence of the song as I felt it when I first wrote it- certainly in a concert anyway. She managed to understand what the song required, tuned into it, and helped it to come to life with her sensitive playing" Daniel Zappi (singer-songwriter)

Past and upcoming performances


University of Portsmouth, December 2017



Victorious Festival,  Music Village, People's Lounge stage, 26-27 August 2017

Ventnor Fringe 2017, Arts Club ,11 August 2017 

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Summer Festival, 4-6 August 2017

Refuge Week Celebrations, British Red Cross, University of Portsmouth, 19 June 2017

Front Room, Hunter Gatherer, May 2017