We have built the concrete walls around us and called them home.


The messengers of nature are here to remind us of where we truly come from and invite us to reconnect


Will you accept the invitation? 

Impact and participation

The audience attending the 'reconnect' exhibition in October 2014 at the Le Cafe Parisien in Portsmouth were gifted pebbles collected by the artist at the Southsea seafront along with the message encouraging them to either keep the pebbles as a reminder and inspiration to reconnect with nature, or to take them back to the seafront and reconnect in the process of doing that. 


Following the exhibition, the artist received the following photos from people sharing their 'reconnecting adventures' in UK and Europe. 

Sue and her daughter Caroline reconnecting at Old Winchester Hill. 

Roger reconnecting at Symonds Yat in the Wye Valley.

Andreea reconneciting at the Englischer Gartern in Munich, Germany.

David reconnecting at the Southsea Seafront.